Monday, 16 June 2008

Naughty blogger

I cannot believe it's so long since i last posted, i am so naughty and very sorry indeed. Things have been very hectic here and i don't know where the time goes, if you do please let me know :)
I have been looking (when i've had time) at alot of other blogs recently and there are some fantastic ones out there, so i have decided i need to be more organised and i also need a routine to help me post more. The other blogs i have been looking at have given me a lot to think about, some people post once a week on the same day, or post when they have a photo to share, others have competitions or giveaways. So i am going to have a think about this and will let you know soon what i decide (well i've got to do something) I also get a little bit downhearted when i see so many wonderful blogs out there, i think mine will never be that good and then don't bother with a post at all. So i will be in touch soon. Take care.