Sunday, 20 July 2008

I'm a Grandma!!

Hi everyone, things have been really hectic at this end, I have become a Grandma. Mum and baby are doing well but what alot of changes a little person brings to your life (don't you forget). Must try and get back to my knitting now, so much to do and so little time, will try my best to keep posting and keep you up to date with how things are.


Cinders said...

Congratulations on your grandchild. The photo is so cute- you didnt say whether the baby was a boy or gil? thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and enjoy your lovely grandchild. I love the feel of their soft downy hair under my chin when I cuddle a baby. oooh!!!

Lothlorian said...

AWWWW baby is lovely, and what a serious look, you wonder what is going on in those little baby heads when you see that

congrats Grandma, enjoy! As my mum says, she loves to see the boys, even more so because she can give me them back at the end of the day :P